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Recent News
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A decline in dementia could be linked to healthier arteries
Recent articles have reported a possible decline in dementia. What is causing it? Researchers examined data from more than 1500 brain autopsies to find out. The results could help scientists better understand the link between Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular health.
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Rare gene mutation delays onset of early Alzheimer’s by 30 years

A brother and sister in Medellin, Colombia benefitted from a rare gene mutation that protected them from developing the early onset Alzheimer’s disease that is rampant in their extended family. How did this gene stave off symptoms for so long? And how is it related to the case of a distant relative, discovered four years ago, whose cognitive decline was delayed 30 years by a different gene mutation? 

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Almost half of participants in anti-amyloid study show no disease progression in one year
Eli Lilly recently announced positive results for their Trailblazer-ALZ 2 Phase 3 clinical trial. The drug donanemab slowed cognitive and functional decline in a significant portion of study participants diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. This is the third drug reported to show a link between amyloid plaque clearance and lessening the progression of disease symptoms.