Who Can Participate?

The Alzheimer's Prevention Registry is open to people 18 years old and and older who are interested in taking part in Alzheimer's prevention studies. All we ask is that members want to be a part of the work to end Alzheimer's.

A Diverse Community with a Single Goal

To meet the recruitment needs of many different studies, the Registry needs a large number of individuals who may be willing to step forward and participate.

The reality is that not everyone can participate in every study. Many studies have specific criteria for participation: they may select people based on age, gender, family history of Alzheimer's, genetic background or other factors. Some studies may need to ask for help from thousands of people to find the few hundred who match the criteria. Almost everyone can participate in some studies, particularly the online ones.

We screen studies carefully to identify those that show great potential in the fight against Alzheimer's.

Many Ways to Participate

Every Registry member can be a part of the fight against Alzheimer's, whether or not they choose to join a study. We encourage members to spread the word about the Registry and about Alzheimer's prevention to friends and family. Good information is key to helping people understand the disease and the importance of preventing it.

The Registry and its members are working to create a legacy: a future without Alzheimer's. If you haven't already, please Join the Registry today.