Why Join a Research Study?

Joining the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry is a good first step to helping Alzheimer's research. The next one? Taking part in a study.

If you choose to contact the researchers behind any particular study, you are not required to join the study. If you choose to join a study, you can withdraw at any time. Any personal information you provide will remain private and confidential.

Bringing Us Closer to an End to Alzheimer's

When you join a study, you help scientists learn more about Alzheimer's & prevention. We are NOT helpless against the disease, and taking part in research is an important way you can contribute to the work to bring it to an end.

Study participants are an integral part of the scientific process: without help from people like you, research simply can't move forward. Unfortunately, 80% of studies are delayed because too few people sign up to participate. By joining a study, you help to change this situation.

Even if you never participate in research, though, you can still help by spreading the word about the Registry and the Alzheimer's prevention resources we've collected on our website.

Creating a Legacy

As a part of the Registry, you're helping to create a legacy: a future without Alzheimer's. Please review your study opportunities today.