Why Prevention Research?

The Alzheimer's Prevention Registry focuses its work on supporting Alzheimer's prevention research. These studies offer a unique opportunity to find ways to stop Alzheimer's disease before it starts.

We'll never give up on pursuing treatments for those with symptoms, and we work with researchers who pursue a mix of strategies in their approach to the disease. A new wave of prevention studies is launching now, with many more following in the years to come.

These studies are driven by new science and new understanding of how Alzheimer's develops and progresses. In fact, we can now begin to see signs of Alzheimer's in the brain many years before symptoms like memory loss begin. Understanding these early changes will help scientists better understand the disease, how it progresses, and ways we might prevent it.

New Hope for Alzheimer's Prevention

With science at a turning point, we can begin to see the possibility of an end to Alzheimer's. But we can't do it without you: scientists need people from all backgrounds and walks of life to participate in this crucial research.

With Alzheimer's, no one can predict the future. But, together we can change it. Scientists are working non-stop to advance our understanding of this disease. Will you join them?

Learn more about how the Registry supports Alzheimer's prevention research and why it's so important to join.