How The Registry Works

  1. SIGN UP to help end Alzheimer's disease

  2. RECEIVE EMAILS about prevention study opportunities and research news

  3. PARTICIPATE in studies you choose and qualify for

Scientists are Working to End Alzheimer's. Here's How You Can Help.

We support Alzheimer's research by connecting scientists with people who are interested in  taking part in prevention studies.

  • We work with researchers to identify Alzheimer's prevention studies that need participants

  • We feature these studies on our website

  • We will email you about study opportunities you may qualify for

  • We will also send you the latest Alzheimer's news and research findings

  • You are under no obligation to take part in any studies, and the information you provide us remains safe and secure

Uniting Scientists and People Like You

The Alzheimer's Prevention Registry involves members directly in the Alzheimer's research process. Hundreds of thousands of people have already joined the Registry, many of whom have chosen to take part in prevention studies now in progress.

  • Some studies are open to everyone 18 and over

  • Others have specific eligibility requirements based on age, family history, genetic background or other factors

  • Some studies are online

  • Other studies require one or more visits to a research site, sometimes over a period of years

  • Because of new knowledge we've recently  gained, a new wave of studies is launching now and in the coming months

Many studies need to draw from a broad section of the public, including people from all backgrounds. Other studies may have to consider many possible participants to identify the few who meet their specific criteria.

The one thing these studies have in common: they need help from people like you.

Right now, 80 percent of studies are delayed because too few people sign up to participate. By joining the Registry, you're helping to change this situation. You're helping researchers move us closer to our goal: ending Alzheimer's.

Protecting Your Privacy

All studies associated with the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry are approved by an ethics committee and ensure participants' privacy and confidentiality. You choose which studies to join, and you can withdraw from a study at any time.

Joining the Registry is easy and free -- we want your involvement, not your wallet. Once you join, you don't have to participate in any studies, though we hope you will.

More Ways to Be Involved, On Your Own Terms

Even if you never choose to join a study, you can help the Registry and the cause of ending Alzheimer's:

  • Join our online communities on Facebook and Twitter

  • Share Registry news and the latest Alzheimer's findings on social media

  • Learn more about Alzheimer's and Alzheimer's prevention through our Alzheimer's 101 online resources

  • Spread the word about the Registry to family and friends

Support the Scientists. Advance the Research. Join the Registry.

Can we count on you? Join the Registry today! Then, watch your email inbox for opportunities to take part in Alzheimer's research and spread the word to family and friends.

The memories you save could be your own.