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SUVN-502 - Miami

Eligibility Requirements:

You may qualify for participation if you:

  • Are aged 50 to 85 years
  • Have had Alzheimer’s disease for at least 1 year
  • Are currently receiving treatment with donepezil and memantine / Namenda XR®
  • Have a friend or relative willing to be your study partner throughout the study.

There are additional medical criteria that must be met to qualify as a participant.

About the Study:

The SUVN-502 Study will involve approximately 530 people with Alzheimer’s disease across 90 study centers in the USA. Not everyone will be able to join the study as several joining criteria must be met. It is voluntary to join the study. You can leave at any time for any reason without having to explain why.


The purpose of the SUVN-502 Study is to see whether SUVN-502 has an effect on the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease when given along with the standard treatments, donepezil and
memantine. SUVN-502 works on a different chemical messaging pathway within the brain than the
standard treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.

What is Involved:

Participants and their study partners will attend 5 clinic visits over the 26-week treatment phase. During these visits, the study team will check on the participant’s symptoms and overall health using standard medical tests, questionnaires, and interviews.

All study medication will be 1 tablet, to be taken once every day for the 26-week treatment period.
All participants will also continue to take their existing Alzheimer’s treatment throughout the
entire 30 weeks, which will be:

  • Donepezil 10 mg once daily, plus
  • Memantine 10 mg twice daily / Namenda XR® 28 mg once daily / or as part of combination therapy Namzaric™ (28 mg memantine HCI/10 mg donepezil HCI qd). 

Study-related care and study medications (with the exception of Namenda XR® and Namzaric™) will be provided at no charge.

Location Information:

CCM Clinical Research Group

3661 S Miami Ave
Suite 106
Miami FL 33133
United States

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Next Steps

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