Study of Brain Aging in Vietnam War Veterans - Multiple Locations

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Study of Brain Aging in Vietnam War Veterans - Multiple Locations

50 to 90
Up to 12 months
Study Type:
Observational Studies
Studies for People with Memory Impairment
Studies for People without Memory Impairment

Eligibility Requirements:

If you are a Vietnam War Veteran between 50-90 years old, you are eligible for the screening interview.  This interview will help determine if you are eligible to continue with the clinical interview and clinic visits.

About the Study:

Nationwide, approximately 1,000 may participate in the screening interview and 500 in the Clinical Telephone Interview. The clinical interview will help us identify approximately 400 Vietnam War Veterans who will be referred for the in-person clinic visits. Approximately 300 Vietnam War Veterans will be eligible to complete the entire study.


The purpose of DOD ADNI is to examine the possible connections between TBI and PTSD, and the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's on Veterans as they age. The information collected in DOD ADNI will help us to learn more about how these injuries may affect Veterans of the Vietnam War as they grow older, as well as Veterans of the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who also have these types of combat related injuries.

What is Involved:

First: A short 30-40 minute telephone interview with staff at the San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC) will help us find out if you are eligible for the clinical interview. You’ll be asked general questions about possible TBI, health, and current medications.

Second: A telephone clinical interview (about 1-3 hours) by a mental health clinician at the SFVAMC will help us see if you are eligible for the in-person clinic visits. You’ll be asked questions about drug/alcohol use, PTSD and other mental health symptoms.

Third: If eligible, the staff at SFVAMC will mail you a questionnaire booklet. The questions ask about your sleep patterns, social work, general mood, etc. The booklet should take 30-60 minutes to complete. You will bring your completed booklet with you to the clinic.

Fourth: If eligible, you’ll visit one of our clinics in your area and complete the following procedures (2-3 visits spread across a few weeks):
• Medical exam (30-60 minutes)
• Blood Draw (about 15 minutes)
• Cognitive Testing (1-2 hours)
• MRI (1-2 hours)
• PET scan (2-3 hrs., including prep)
• Lumbar Puncture (30-60 min., including prep)

Fifth: If eligible, you’ll be contacted for a 12 month follow-up. Depending on eligibility, all interviews and procedures are repeated, except the PET scans and lumbar puncture.