Sleep Quality and Human Amyloid-Beta Kinetics - St. Louis, MO

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Sleep Quality and Human Amyloid-Beta Kinetics - St. Louis, MO

45 to 65
Approximately 6-12 months
Study Type:
Observational Studies
Studies for People without Memory Impairment

Eligibility Requirements:

Participants cannot have:

  • type 1 diabetes
  • HIV or AIDS
  • body mass index greater than 35
  • history of drug abuse within the last 6 months

About the Study:

There is evidence in mice that improving sleep may prevent changes seen in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease.  The objective of this study is to translate these findings to humans for the long term improvement in human health.


The purpose of the study is to find out if differences in sleep quality will result in changes to amyloid-beta concentration in the fluid surrounding the brain called cerebrospinal fluid or CSF.

What is Involved:

Participation in this study will require outpatient screening in addition to a 3 day/2 night stay at the clinical research unit.  Participants will be randomized to either take placebo or a sleep aid at bedtime on both nights.  A lumbar catheter (similar to a spinal tap or an epidural given at childbirth) will be in place for 36 hours and CSF will be drawn from the catheter every 2 hours.  Wires will be applied to the scalp and face to monitor sleep/wake cycles.