MindCrowd - Online

Eligibility Requirements:

Individuals aged 18-years and older are encouraged to take the test. MindCrowd is hoping to get a broad range of test-taking data for a clearer understanding of how memory is affected by aging.

About the Study:

At its core, MindCrowd is a new way to approach scientific research, learn how the brain functions and how genetics might influence memory. While there are many different ways to test memory performance, this is the first time online research will be gathered, analyzed and pursued for insight into cognition and memory and the relationship to Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders through genetics.


MindCrowd is online research study to understand the genetics of how the human brain remembers. Specifically, MindCrowd researchers want to know how the way people remember things might change as they age. If researchers better understand the way memory changes as people age, they may be able to understand what changes occur in people who have a brain disease that affects their memory (like Alzheimer's disease). At the end of the study, researchers hope to gain new biological insight that will then be leveraged for therapeutic application.

What is Involved:

Participants will take online memory tests and receive the results of the tests. The online memory test takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. MindCrowd will use the information provided and test results to create a “Registry” or group of people that it may contact for future studies on memory. In some future studies, participants may be asked to provide a saliva sample. In order to contact participants for future studies, MindCrowd participants will be asked to provide a name and e-mail address. Dr. Huentelman will contact certain participants via e-mail to determine whether they are interested in participating in future memory studies.

10 minutes
Study Type:
Observational Studies; Online Studies and Surveys; Studies for People without Memory Impairment