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Mind Window - Smartphone App

Study Type:
Caregiver Studies
Observational Studies
Online Studies and Surveys
Studies for People with Memory Impairment
Studies for People without Memory Impairment

Eligibility Requirements:

Anyone at least 18 years of age with an Android or iOS/Apple smartphone who can read English and would be willing to answer surveys in the app at different moments in daily life.

About the Study:

Available as a free download for Android and iOS mobile devices, "Mind Window" is a new research app developed by psychologists at the University of Arizona to study thought and emotion in the settings we think matter most: everyday life. By using this app, you'll help researchers understand how thinking patterns change as people get older, and how health-related challenges like Alzheimer's disease affect everyday thoughts and emotions. The personalized graphics provided to Mind Window users may also help users gain insight into their own thinking patterns – an important first step towards improving health and well-being.


"Mind Window" is part of a research project to develop a large international database of thinking in daily life. The purpose of this study is to discover how patterns of everyday thinking relate to factors such as age, personality, wellbeing, health, and other behaviors. Ultimately, we hope this study will help researchers better predict, track and treat health-related challenges such as mental illness and Alzheimer's disease.

What is Involved:

This study involves using the "Mind Window" app, which is available from the Google Play and Apple App stores as a free download. Within the app, you'll be asked to complete anonymous surveys about your demographic characteristics (age, gender, employment status, etc.), your typical thoughts, personality, beliefs, health, and behaviors; and daily 'experience check-in' questions. The basic questionnaires at the beginning of the app take roughly 10 minutes to complete and responding to each check-in survey takes approximately 1 to 2 minutes. If desired, you may complete additional questionnaires to provide a more complete picture of your perspective and experiences. Once you respond to 12 notifications (over a minimum of 2 days), you'll be given FitBit-like charts showing how your thinking patterns change over time. Independent of personal benefit, your participation will help to advance research in psychology, and will help the scientific community better understand how adults think in daily life.