I-CONECT Study - Multiple Locations

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I-CONECT Study - Multiple Locations

1.5 years
10 home visits
Study Type:
Observational Studies
Prevention Studies
Studies for People with Memory Impairment
Studies for People without Memory Impairment

Eligibility Requirements:

  • At least 75 years of age 
  • Generally healthy
  • Live within one-hour proximity of study
  • Socially isolated

About the Study:

Research shows that older adults who are regularly engaged in social interactions are better able to maintain healthy mental function and memory. The I-CONECT research study is exploring how social interaction impacts the onset of age-related cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Using user-friendly technology, I-CONECT engages seniors over the age of 80 in fun, diverse and interesting face-to-face conversations in the comfort of their own home. All the equipment needed for video chat including internet will be provided to the participants free of charge.


With I-CONECT, the research team hopes to establish a foundation for future dementia-prevention trials. Overall, I-CONECT hopes to show that engaging in short one-on-one conversations might improve brain functions.

What is Involved:

VIDEO CHATS (There is a 50% chance of receiving video chats. In addition to video chats and home visits, study staff call participants once a week.)

  • 30-minute long chats conducted 4 times a week for 6 months, and optional follow-up chats twice a week for additional 6 months
  • Video chat device is provided
  • Participants are paired with different study staff members each week to have engaging conversations 


  • Includes physical measures, survey-taking and problem-solving tasks, equipment installation and upkeep
  • One in-home screening visit (1-2 hours), seven in-home evaluations (2 hours) with study staff (three visits at the beginning of the study, two visits at 6 months, two visits at 12 months, and one visit at 18 months)
  • Two visits with study staff to install and pick-up tech equipment (30-90 min each)


  • Participants at the OHSU site receive an electronic pillbox that tracks when they take a daily low-dose Vitamin C pill.
  • Participants at both sites also have a 50% chance of being selected to undergo two brain MRI scans, once at the beginning of the study and the last one at the six-month mark.