University of Southern California Healthy Minds Volunteer Corps - Los Angeles


  • Location:
  • Age: 18+
  • Duration: Ongoing
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Eligibility Requirements

These depend on the specific study.

About the Study:

The Healthy Minds Volunteer List is used by various collaborating research labs at the University of Southern California. Together, we are investigating how aging affects vision, decision making, memory, emotion, and physical health. We hope to learn how we can maintain healthy minds and bodies across our lifespan. A list of professors at USC coordinating these projects is available here:


Results from these studies will provide important information about what can be done to maintain healthy minds and bodies as we age.

What is Involved:

Our studies typically involve completing various cognitive tasks and answering questionnaires; a few of them also use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to record brain activity while people complete cognitive tasks.

Some studies pay volunteers a stipend for their time; others involve unpaid volunteers. Some of the studies only involve older participants, but many of the studies also include younger and middle-aged adults in order to compare cognitive processes across different age groups.
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