Caregiver Emotion Study - Online

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Caregiver Emotion Study - Online

Rice University

Study Status:
2 weeks
Study Type:
Caregiver Studies
Online Studies and Surveys
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Next Steps

If interested, please email or fill out the screening form at

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Primary caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s
  • Has smartphone (with text messaging and internet)
  • Not currently in therapy

About the Study:

The T-SCAN Lab at Rice University is seeking primary caregivers for family members diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease to participate in a research study on emotion regulation and coping strategies for caregivers.


To better understand the emotional experiences of caregivers and how various emotion regulation and coping strategies affect these experiences; to inform future interventions to better support those who are caregiving for their loved ones.

What is Involved:

  1.  You will meet with someone from our lab for about an hour. At this initial visit, we will explain all aspects of the study and introduce you to the questionnaires and picture rating task.
  2. For one week, we will be sending you daily check-ins. At four random times in the day, you will receive a survey from us via text message. These are very short (about 1 min to complete).
  3. Then there is a one-week break that requires no active participation from you. And then we end with a set of questionnaires at the end, two weeks after the initial visit.

We will compensate you for your time in the form of an Amazon gift card. The approximate time involvement for full participation is 4 hours, which amounts to $80.