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We have reached a pivotal point in the path toward Alzheimer's prevention...and now is the time to act.

A Critical Moment in Alzheimer's Prevention Research

One in nine Americans age 65 and older lives with Alzheimer's disease. If current trends continue, 16 million Americans will suffer from the disease by 2050.

At the same time, research has progressed to the point that we can detect changes in the brain associated with the disease one or two decades BEFORE the first signs of Alzheimer's.

As a result, research into Alzheimer's prevention is now at a crucial turning point:

• With Alzheimer's research a government priority, some of the nation's most respected research organizations have formed collaborative relationships to accelerate their work. The Registry is an example of this kind of collaboration, bringing together top organizations to support and advance Alzheimer's prevention research.

• After years of research, we understand better the timeline, course and impact of Alzheimer's disease.

• A surge of prevention studies is just around the corner.

• Alzheimer's develops in the brain long before symptoms ever surface, which means there is no time to waste – for any of us. With a goal of enrolling 250,000 people, the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry is a platform for those ready to take part in prevention research and prove that there is power in numbers.

Join the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry today.

Do it for someone you love who has suffered from Alzheimer's. Do it to help spare others the debilitating effects of the disease. From birthdays and graduations, to weddings and children, our lives are filled with precious memories. But Alzheimer's has the power to erase them. Please join the Registry today – the memories you save could be your own.

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