About the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry

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The Alzheimer's Prevention Registry is an online community of people eager to help end Alzheimer's disease.

By joining the Registry, you'll have opportunities to participate in Alzheimer's prevention research studies – and to help ensure the success of prevention research that may affect millions of lives!

More than 5.2 million Americans live with Alzheimer's. By 2050, that number is expected to nearly triple unless a treatment is found. With an epidemic on the horizon, top researchers around the world have come together in an unprecedented show of collaboration to achieve one common goal: end Alzheimer's disease now.

A staggering 80% of studies fail to meet their initial recruiting goals, delaying research and slowing down our progress against the disease. The Registry is changing this situation. Will you help?

Join the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry and you will:

• Become a partner with these organizations and researchers to help stop this terrible disease

• Get the latest Alzheimer's news and research updates as well as information on overall brain healthAccess tools to share this information with friends and family

• Learn about research studies in which you might take part

Research has now progressed to the point that we can detect changes in the brain associated with the disease one or two decades BEFORE the first signs of Alzheimer's (such as symptoms of memory and thinking problems) emerge. A new era of prevention studies will harness these developments by enrolling healthy older adults who may be at highest risk for developing Alzheimer's but are themselves still free of symptoms.

Will you help us ensure the success of research about Alzheimer's that aims to eliminate the disease By joining the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry, you can be part of this world-changing effort!

Learn more about how the Registry works.


Banner Alzheimer's Institute (BAI) created and leads the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry in collaboration with partnering organizations as part of its mission to end Alzheimer's disease without losing another generation. The Phoenix-based nonprofit organization is part of Banner Health, one of the largest nonprofit health care systems in the country.

BAI is helping to lead the fight against Alzheimer's through its cutting-edge studies in detection, treatment and prevention and through a comprehensive model of care that addresses both medical and non-medical needs of patients and their families.

The Registry is part of the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative, also championed by BAI, an international collaborative formed to launch a new era of Alzheimer's prevention research. API is focused on evaluating the most promising therapies in cognitively normal people who, based on their age and genetic background, are at the highest imminent risk of developing Alzheimer's disease symptoms.

The Registry is led by a dedicated team with a passion for finding effective prevention methods for Alzheimer's. It is their collective goal to contribute their research findings to the broader scientific community in hopes of ending this devastating disease in their lifetimes.

Meet Our Team

The Alzheimer's Prevention Registry is funded through generous donations to the Banner Alzheimer's Foundation, with seed funding from the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer's Initiative.