Alzheimer Prevention Program Exercise Trial - Fairway, KS

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Alzheimer Prevention Program Exercise Trial - Fairway, KS

Approx. 7 months
3 visits and 2 follow up surveys by phone or email
Study Type:
Prevention Studies
Studies for People without Memory Impairment

Eligibility Requirements:

You must be 65 years or older, have normal memory and thinking skills, be identified to have the amyloid protein in your brain, be physically underactive or sedentary, able to undergo MRI of the brain, physically able to complete 52 weeks of aerobic exercise at a local Greater Kansas City YMCA.

About the Study:

A study to evaluate risk for development of Alzheimer’s disease in those without any symptoms. The program also offers strategies to improve health and reduce your risk for chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.


This study aims to examine the effects of aerobic exercise in individuals at high risk for Alzheimer's disease, as determined by an amyloid brain imaging scan. This study will observe whether 52 weeks of aerobic exercise is associated with a decrease in amyloid levels in the brain, as measured by the amyloid brain imaging scan.

What is Involved:

After successful completion of screening and baseline testing, participants will be randomly assigned (like a flip of a coin) to either an aerobic exercise intervention group or a control group. There is a 70% chance of being placed in the Aerobic Exercise Group and a 30% chance of being placed in the Control Group.

If you are assigned to the aerobic exercise group, you will complete 52 weeks of exercise at a local YMCA to include 4 days per week, for up to an hour per day under the supervision of a certified personal trainer. The study pays for the one-year YMCA membership and personal trainer fees.

If you are assigned to the control group, you will be provided materials on exercise and healthy lifestyle, but you will not be provided support or guidance with an exercise program. At the end of the study, you will be provided with a one-year membership to the YMCA.