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A new study called sLORETA is delivering standardized low-resolution brain electromagnetic tomography to the brain to stimulate the hypothalamus. Preliminary results show those with more severe...
A new study shows that a three-month course of yoga and meditation helped minimize the cognitive and emotional problems that often precede Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. 
A dementia researcher and neuroscientist teamed up to create a game that would provide spatial perception data in the fight against Alzheimer’s. 
May 1, 2016
by Banner Alzheimer's Institute
In this month’s Beacon we are going to focus on some of the basics of planning care on a day to day basis. Implementing these techniques one bit at a time has been shown to decrease problem behaviors...
April 20, 2016
by Scientific American
Research on a key brain immune cell suggests it is a tantalizing but slippery target for new therapies.
April 20, 2016
by Alzheimer's Prevention Bulletin
Researchers are using the power of positron emission tomography (PET) imaging to solve the mysteries of Alzheimer’s dementia. This issue of Alzheimer’s Prevention Bulletin features a recent study...
April 20, 2016
by Alzheimer's Prevention Bulletin
Dear Dr. Jagust, I thought the only way to diagnosis Alzheimer’s disease definitively, unfortunately, is through an autopsy. Recently, a friend mentioned imaging studies, like PET scans, are being...
The Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative is recruiting volunteers to sign up for two different Alzheimer’s registries that will give researchers a pool pf participants when studying the disease. Jessica...
Scientific American reviews the NOVA episode “Can Alzheimer’s Be Stopped?” featuring Dr. Eric Reiman and Banner Alzheimer's Institute research. 
Greg O’Brien shares his experience with Alzheimer’s and the slow demise of his abilities. As a longtime investigative journalist, he has been chronicling his experience with the disease so others...