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June 12, 2017

Ask the Expert

By Alzheimer's Prevention Bulletin

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This month’s expert is Jessica Langbaum, PhD, Principal Scientist, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and Associate Director, Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative.

Dear Dr. Langbaum,

I’ve already joined GeneMatch, but is there anything else I can do to help with Alzheimer’s prevention research?



Dear Nancy,

Your enthusiasm and desire to make a difference are impressive. In fact, sharing that passion is exactly how you can support Alzheimer’s prevention research. 

One of the challenges that Alzheimer’s prevention studies face is that more women than men join these studies. During its first year, women represented 60 percent of Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry enrollees. Today, women account for 80 percent of participants for both the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry and GeneMatch. My colleagues and I are concerned this male-female imbalance could affect Alzheimer’s prevention trials. 

Nancy, we’re asking women to encourage the men in their lives to get involved in Alzheimer’s prevention research by joining the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry and GeneMatch. As you know from experience, joining only takes only a few minutes. You also no doubt understand that your involvement in Alzheimer’s prevention research has the potential to make a big difference for future generations.

As you speak to the men in your life about this, let them know that joining the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry or GeneMatch doesn’t commit them to participating in a particular research study. It’s really the start of a conversation about Alzheimer’s disease prevention and an opportunity to connect them to research studies that may be of interest to them.

Nancy, I applaud you and all women who have stepped forward to participate in Alzheimer’s prevention research. It’s now critical that men get the message that we need them to support Alzheimer’s prevention. Their first step? Join the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry and GeneMatch. In fact, we’re encouraging families to do this as part of their Father’s Day celebrations on June 18.

Thank you for your support and for spreading the word about the importance of Alzheimer’s prevention research to the men in your life.