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Bill Gates is investing $50 million of his own money into the Dementia Discovery Fund, a private-public research partnership focused on some of the more novel ideas about what drives the...
November 14, 2017
by Alzheimer's Prevention Bulletin
I’m not sure if my mother would be considered clinically depressed or not. She just seems like she doesn’t care about much and isn’t very engaged in her world. Could this be depression and, if...
November 13, 2017
by Alzheimer's Prevention Bulletin
Feeling blue, disconnected, confused. . .these are all classic signs of depression. But could these also be clues that Alzheimer’s might be on the horizon?
November 7, 2017
by Augusta Free Press
This legislation would build out the systems necessary to create a public health infrastructure to combat Alzheimer’s disease and preserve brain health.
A new study investigating the effects of a nutrient drink for Alzheimer's disease has led to very different headlines in the media. 
Researchers from the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute (BAI), Novartis, and Amgen today announced another step forward in the international effort to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.