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People at Risk for Alzheimer’s Wanted for Major Study Testing Possible Preventive Therapies

Older people — ages 60 to 75 — in good cognitive health but with two copies of the “risk gene”1 for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are being asked to take part in Generation Study, a collaborative and global research project investigating treatments that might stop the disease from developing.

Can this eye scan detect Alzheimer's years in advance?

Researchers say early indicators of Alzheimer's disease exist within our eyes, meaning a non-invasive eye scan could tip us off to Alzheimer's years before symptoms occur.

Maintaining Your Brain is No Game

Puzzlers take note: Rather than a rousing round of Word Find, your brain may benefit more if you pick up a golf club, grab a friend and head to the golf course for a lesson. And even, better? Walk the course rather than relying on a golf cart to get around. Brain games and puzzles may be fun and feel challenging but there’s little to no evidence of their long-term brain benefits. The good news? There are other ways to keep your brain in the game. 

Ask the Expert: Brain-Training Games

Dear Dr. Charness,

I often see ads for brain-training programs that promise to improve my memory. Some even suggest using their product could prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Should I believe these claims?


2017 Walk To End Alzheimer's

Each flower represents your connection to Alzheimer's – a disease that currently has no prevention and no cure. But, what if one day...

Mind Your Risks

A new risk of high blood pressure is emerging: the possible connection between uncontrolled blood pressure and dementia. Important new studies link high blood pressure, especially in midlife, to an increased risk for dementia later in life.

Can Vitamin E Supplements Prevent Dementia?

Does your daily routine include vitamin E and selenium supplements? Many people began taking the antioxidants after a study suggested they may lower the risk for dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease. 

But are the antioxidants effective in preventing Alzheimer’s? The results of a recent clinical trial may answer that question.


First-of-its-kind Alzheimer's disease prevention study extended

More than 5 million Americans are currently suffering from Alzheimer's disease (AD) and scientists expect this number to nearly triple by 2050. The A4 ...