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The Science of Eligibility Requirements

There is much to be learned about the development of Alzheimer’s disease and how to prevent or delay the onset of the disease – this is why so many research studies are looking for volunteers. For many, that begs the question, “Why don’t studies broaden their age requirements in order to find more participants?” 

National Recruitment Strategy Aims to Open Doors Wider to Participation in Research Studies

You may have heard of the ambitious goal set by the U.S. National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease – to prevent and effectively treat Alzheimer’s disease by 2025. While this plan offers great promise, it also shines the spotlight on the need for volunteer research participants. 

An Insider’s Guide to Clinical Trial Participation

Have you been thinking about participating in a clinical trial, but not so sure you’re ready to delve into the unknown? Alzheimer prevention participant – who’s taken part in not one, but two studies! – gives his insight and advice into the experience. 

POINTing the Way to Alzheimer’s Prevention

A massive $20 million research trial is kicking off to determine whether early intervention can support brain health and prevent decline in memory and thinking ability. Can lifestyle intervention – exercise, diet, social interaction and “brain exercise” really prevent Alzheimer’s?

Ask the Expert: What Can I Do to Help Researchers find a Treatment for Alzheimer's?

This month's expert is Pierre N. Tariot, MD, director, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute.

Dear Dr. Tariot - My father and mother-in-law both have Alzheimer’s disease. I’ve been reading that more and more companies are giving up on their research in this field. I don’t want to give up. What can I do to help?

Is it all doom and gloom in Alzheimer's Research?

If you follow the headlines in the news, you may think that researchers are destined to fail when it comes to finding a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the latest findings. 

Ask the Expert: Should I Start Drinking Wine?

This month’s expert is Jose Luchsinger, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine and epidemiology, Columbia University Medical Center.

Dear Dr. Luchsinger,
I don’t drink wine, but I am hearing more and more that it’s good for you. Should I start drinking wine on a regular basis to improve my health? – Sophia

Healthy Diet...Healthy Brain

Is red wine good for you or bad for you? Should you eat grains or leave them off your plate? What about dairy – yes or no? When it comes to nutritional advice, it may seem like a constant exercise in “Eat This, Not That.” Increasingly, research is revealing that a healthy diet is crucial for optimal brain health.  But what is a “healthy diet”? 

Ask the Expert: Is Exercise Safe for My Husband?

This month’s expert is Dr. Alden Gross, PhD, MHS, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University Center on Aging and Health.

Dear Dr. Gross,
My husband is not in great shape and I worry about the effect on his health. His mother has Alzheimer’s disease and his sister seems to be in the early stages of cognitive decline. Are there compelling reasons why it might be a good idea for him to start exercising?