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Herpes Accelerates the Development of Alzheimer’s, Finds New Animal Study

Test tube and mice research has found that herpes and other viruses speed up the development of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Your lifestyle can lower your dementia risk, even if you have high genetic risk, study says

A good diet and ample exercise don't just help your waistline. Healthy lifestyle factors may also help lower your risk of dementia, even if you have a higher genetic risk, according to a study published Sunday in the medical journal JAMA.

Is Aerobic Exercise The Right Prescription For Staving Off Alzheimer's?

Researchers are prescribing exercise as if it were a drug in a study that aims to see if it can prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Anti-Inflammatories Do Not Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

A new study found that the common NSAID naproxen was ineffective at preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Every senior needs cognitive screening, Alzheimer's Association says

At first, she just forgot a name or two. Then, a few meetings on her schedule. A few months later, LuPita Gutierrez-Parker found herself struggling at work to use computer software she knew intimately.

Supplements won't stave off Alzheimer's, doctors warn

As Alzheimer’s disease and dementia affect a growing number of Americans, efforts to keep brain decline at bay have become big business.

But in a piece published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, neurologists at the University of California, San Francisco’s Memory and Aging Center, caution consumers that brain health supplements have no proven benefit, calling them “pseudomedicine.”

Hormone Produced During Exercise Jogs Memory, Maintains Brain Health

If we told you there was a magic pill to feel less tired, more alert and younger, you’d take it, right? What if we told you the pill doesn’t require a prescription or payment and is available to everyone whenever they want it? And on top of all that, research points to this pill preserving brain health and limiting the effect of dementia on the brain. You’re in, right?

To Fight Against Dementia, Keep Your Mind and Body Sharp in Middle Age

We don’t usually start thinking about the possibility of dementia until our senior years. But scientists are now saying that maintaining an active life—including both mental and physical activities—in middle age might be a powerful protector against diseases like Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

F.D.A. Gives Warning to Supplement Makers Claiming to Treat Alzheimer’s

The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on dietary supplements sellers making claims that their products can cure or treat dementia and Alzheimer’s. The agency sent 12 warning letters and five online advisory letters to companies that said their supplements could cure ailments like Alzheimer’s.