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Alzheimer’s and its impact on the African-American community

Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that usually starts slowly and gradually worsens over time. It is the cause of 60-70% of cases of dementia. In most cases, remembering recent events is one of the earliest symptoms. A disease in the brain, the onset usually occurs in patients over the age of 65 but can occur earlier. Alzheimer’s is one of the most financially costly diseases.

In the Family: A Caregiver’s Mission to Fight Alzheimer’s

Jacquelyn Patterson has a family history of Alzheimer’s disease. She lost both of her parents and 10 of her aunts to Alzheimer’s and dementia. And she is currently providing care for three of her own sisters who are living with dementia.

This Eye Scan Could Detect Alzheimer’s in Seconds

It sounds like a science fiction movie: an eye scan that can provide information about your brain, and, quite possibly, your future. But according to two new studies, it could be a very real possibility soon.

Seniors and hobbies

A study by AARP and Banner Alzheimer’s Institute looks at the best ways for seniors to increase memory and brain power. 

Meaning & Purpose

Planning activities for a person with dementia, if you are the primary caregiver, can be a daunting task with everything else you have on your plate.  Activities are an incredibly important aspect of quality of life, and unfortunately, the person’ ability to initiate and engage in activities that bring meaning and purpose, will decline as the dementia progresses.  Though hugely important, getting a person with dementia involved in activities can be a challenging endeavor.  However, incorporating specific strategies can make it a bit easier on you and your person.  As wit

Eating a Mediterranean Diet Could Delay Alzheimer’s Disease By Years

A study published last month suggests that a Mediterranean diet isn’t just good for your heart and waistline but can also stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by as much as three-and-a-half years.

Report: New Mexico will be hit hard in surge of Alzheimer’s

About 107,000 people in the state are serving as caregivers for people with Alzheimer’s, a role that keeps them out of the workforce, according to a report from the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Perspectives on Alzheimer's Disease

Often we become absorbed with viewing life through in our own narrow lens and neglect to empathically consider the diversity in people and families we encounter. It is important to incorporate unique cultural perspectives into our personal and professional lives so that we may build individualized care and support for aging adults and family caregivers.