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How the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry Works

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1. SIGN UP to help end Alzheimer's

2. RECEIVE EMAILS about prevention study opportunities and research news

3. PARTICIPATE in studies you choose and qualify for

Crucial Help for Alzheimer's Prevention Research

Any research endeavor is limited by the ability to enlist support from people willing to take part in the study process. Eighty percent of research studies fail to meet their initial recruiting goals and are delayed as a result. With Alzheimer's prevention research at a turning point, thousands of people will be needed for research studies designed to help us stop this terrible disease.

The Alzheimer's Prevention Registry strives to overcome that hurdle by engaging people 18 and older of all races and ethnicities who are committed to ending Alzheimer's, whether or not they have a family history of the disease.

As a Registry member, you will receive:

• Email updates about the latest Alzheimer's research happenings, scientific advances and overall brain health. Alzheimer's news, research findings and conversations via Facebook and Twitter.

• Notices and information about prevention trials and how you can participate.

Advancing Alzheimer's Prevention Research

Joining the Registry provides an opportunity to help advance Alzheimer's prevention research through education and optional participation in Alzheimer's prevention studies. From simple questionnaires and surveys, to brain imaging studies and even pharmaceutical trials to evaluate investigational medications and therapies, the Registry offers members many ways in which to participate.

• In no way does joining the Registry obligate you to take part in a study or clinical trial.

• Each study has a defined set of eligibility requirements, which means not everyone will qualify for enrollment in a particular study.

• All studies associated with the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry are approved by an ethics committee and ensure participants' privacy and confidentiality.

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